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RG3 is a superhero geek, locker boasts action figures, motivational slogans

(image via Extremeskins)

By looking at Robert Griffin III, one wouldn’t necessarily peg him as a huge nerd, but apparently, he has at least some comic book nerd-ness to him, as a peek at his locker reveals that he has several action figures posed inside along with slogans posted underneath them and together, serve as motivation for the Washington Redskins rookie quarterback.

Tuesday was the first open-locker-room media session inside Redskins Park, and RG3 appears proud to allow his nerd flag to fly freely, as inside his locker’s cubbyhole, six action figures, including the Hulk, Captain America, GI Joe and Spider-Man peek out from it, with typewritten slogans such as “Be Unstoppable,” “Conquer Every Obstacle,” “Sacrifice” and “Army Strong” serve as complimentary messages to how these superheroes motivate the young quarterback.

Two additional messages make an appearance below RG3’s shrine to superheroes: the first “Know Your Why,” which is followed by “Forget about being MVP; Forget about being in the Pro Bowl. Those are nice consolation prizes if you don’t get a SUPER BOWL RING.” Indeed. And of course, if you don’t, um, “Know Your Why,” how else are you going to be able to get a Super Bowl ring. It’s pretty simple, really.

Griffin III, a self-described superhero geek who has spoken of his passion for superheroes in the past and even wore Superman socks to the NFL Draft, reportedly owns over 1,000 figurines and refers to it as a childhood obsession that has carried through to adulthood, which means he and I have another thing in common, above and beyond how we both possess world-class athleticism. Yeah.

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