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Kevin Garnett gives camera the finger while showing off new tattoo (pics)

Kevin Garnett had something of a resurgence in his NBA career this past season. With Doc Rivers limiting his minutes throughout the regular season, KG was a force in the playoffs, putting the lid on the prevailing belief in NBA circles that The Big Ticket’s best days were behind him and he no longer was able to put a team on his back and carry them for any significant stretch of time.

With the rumors that Garnett was considering retirement this offseason now nothing more than overreaching speculation with the news that he will in fact return for the 2012-13 campaign with the Celtics, it appears KG is enjoying the summer by getting himself a new tattoo.

Photos uploaded to the Facebook page of Ontario’s FY Ink tattoo parlor on Aug. 9 show off Boston Celtics veteran Kevin Garnett showing off some brand-spanking-new ink on his chest. Unfortunately, the tattoo is difficult to make out for certain in the pics, but Celtics-centric blog Red’s Army believes the new tat might be a dragon, although it’s hard to say. If it is a dragon, KG’s tattoo in no way measures up to the enormity and majesty of Andrei Kirilenko’s fantasy-themed, dragon-starring work of body art. But hey, I’m sure it’s still pretty sweet.