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Joe Gibbs on ESPN Radio: ‘They always said I was queer for tight ends’ (video)

Well, this is just fantastic. Well, maybe not fantastic — awkward may be a better way of summarizing it — but few things are more amusing than seeing an old fogey use terms from the good old days that were relatively inoffensive way back when but are considered extremely offensive in the present day.

Joe Gibbs, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and former Washington Redskins coaching great — who currently serves as “Special Advisor” to team owner Daniel Snyder — made an appearance on “The Scott Van Pelt Show” on ESPN Radio on Wednesday, when, while discussing the impressive size of Charles Oakley, the previous guest on the program, segued into some tangent and uttered the utterly insane commentary about his affinity for tight ends back in his heyday in the most colorful of ways.

Video follows.

Incredible. I don’t care if Gibbs is 71 years old, he has to know the relative inappropriateness of the word “queer” in this day and age. In light of that theory, it likely was a simple slip-up at best that indicates Gibbs might be a bit out of touch with today’s lingo and how using phrases such as being “queer for ______” is not a politically correct way of speaking.  And while it could be argued that nothing more should be made of Gibbs’ gaffe other than to get a few sophomoric giggles out of it — although I expect some minor controversy to ensue which will compel Gibbs to issue a forced apology — the line “queer for tight ends” has an overabundance of unintentional comedy that can be mined above and beyond the literal meaning of the phrase.

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