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Erin Andrews makes cameo in FOX College Football’s ‘The Gus Effect’ promo (vid)

About a month ago, Erin Andrews tweeted some pics from a commercial shoot for an upcoming FOX College Football promo. In the pics, Erin Andrews was seen posing with a unicorn and a go-go dancer in a hanging cage. Good stuff.

Well, the commercial itself has been released and we have now learned the ad is about what is being referred to as “The Gus Effect,” as in how the presence of the over-the-top-yet-sublimely-entertaining¬†Gus Johnson — who joined the FOX Sports family in 2011 — on FOX college football broadcasts inevitably leads to a much more enjoyable viewing experience. And to illustrate just what Johnson brings to the broadcast, the ad boasts imagery of some random dudes’ living room magically transformed, as the aforementioned go-go dancers and unicorns — and later, Erin Andrews — ¬†whenever Gus Johnson is heard doing his bombastic broadcasting thing.

Commercial as well as a behind-the-scenes video follows.

Works for me, although the ad isn’t quite as informative about what I can do to improve my digestive health as Erin Andrews’ probiotics ads that have been running lately. As Miss Andrews informs us, the core of our health is truly on the inside, kiddies. And healthy bowel movements are integral to it. Don’t ever forget that.