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Chris Paul’s neighbors post chintzy sign to congratulate him on winning gold (pic)

Huh. Well, that’s…underwhelming. Especially in light of the assumed higher-end income bracket of folks who happen to own homes in CP3’s presumably posh neighborhood. I’m sure they could have pooled their resources together and come up with something less, you know, cheap. Although I’m sure Kinko’s appreciates their business.

Still, I guess it’s better than nothing, but I think Chris Paul should go to one of those custom t-shirt printing shops and get a shirt that reads, “I was an invaluable contributor to the US Olympic basketball team winning a gold medal in London and all I got from my neighbors was this lousy sign more appropriate for announcing a yard sale than for winning a freaking gold medal” and wear it to the next neighborhood picnic.

Yeah, that’s a pretty long message, he might have to make two shirts and wear them both and then remove the first one after people read the first half of the message. But that sure seems like a lot of work. Maybe he should just let it go. I know I wouldn’t it. Damn cheap neighbors. Sheesh.

[H/T @CP3, via TBJ]