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Baltimore Orioles players raced crabs to determine fantasy football draft order

According to a series of tweets from Baltimore Orioles relief pitcher Darren O’Day on Wednesday, the team utilized a very unique and unscientific method to determine what order the players would pick in the team’s upcoming fantasy football draft.

Crediting Cravin’ Crabs, a Baltimore seafood restaurant, for providing the competitors for the race, O’Day tweeted the above image of a whole mess of crabs housed in their holding container, presumably engaging in their pre-race routine of, uh, whatever crabs might do before participating in a race. Stretching their many little legs, perhaps? Engaging in a pre-competition rubdown of clarified butter to loosen up the joints? Actually, the latter might be what fate was suffered by those crab-racers who didn’t perform admirably.

An image of the champion crab racer follows.

O’Day tweeted that the crab representing infielder Chris Davis’ stake in the race won, mentioning that Davis “picked the Adrian Peterson of crabs to win first pick” and adding that “[t]his dude was stiff arming and juking everyone.” Ha. A crab stiff-arming and juking everyone. Now that’s something. Because in a “pinch” I’d suspect that a crab would be more likely to “claw their way to daylight” instead of utilizing more nifty football moves.

Okay, I’m done with the crab puns, but you have to admit, when it comes right down to it, a well-crafted crab pun certainly takes the “cake.”

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