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Water Hazard: Alligator eating a snake highlights PGA Championship coverage (vid)

During the coverage of the first round of the PGA Championship being played at South Carolina’s Kiawah Island’s Ocean Course, some local wildlife stole the show, albeit for a brief, jaw-snapping moment.

As a camera operator shot footage of an alligator slinking through a water hazard, the large reptile partially came out of the water and locked its toothy maw around a snake near the shoreline. From there, the footage evolves into a scene worthy of a long-awaited new entry in the much-heralded feature, the Sportress of Blogitude’s Wild Kingdom.

Okay, the bit is not much-heralded, but the below footage is pretty awesome.

Well, that was pretty gnarly. Circle of life, people. The alligator had a tasty snack and now there is one less snake patrolling the grounds of the Ocean Course. Good riddance, I say. It was either that or it likely would have suffered a crueler fate at Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s annual “Whacking Day”. If the resort has such a thing. Which it should. Snakes are terrible creatures.