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For no reason, here’s Shaq lip-syncing some song with his Shaq puppet (video)

Hey, I don’t create the stories, I just cover them, even on slow news days such as today.

Above is a video featuring mush-mouthed NBA analyst Shaquille O’Neal — who apparently has more free time on his hands than I do, as he refers to the video in its YouTube description as “Normal Stuff” — lip-syncing to “Twinz (Deep Cover ’98)” which I have learned is a song by Big Pun and Fat Joe. There you go. See? I can be hip to the hippity hop music…from 1998. Actually, I’m not. Sad.

Still, you gotta love Shaq’s puppet. It’s practically a carbon copy of the original. Only smaller. And maybe better rapping ability. Hard to say.