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Washington Redskins fan RevRedskin will put the fear of God in you (video)

He is seated at the right hand of Shanahan.

 Sure, this loudmouthed character who goes by the moniker “RevRedskin” technically is not a man of the cloth in a traditional sense — although I do love his priestly attire — but few preachers ever have put the fear of God in me than this maniac has by way of this disturbing video where he espouses on the holy majesty that is the Washington Redskins football team. Obviously, this man must be suffering from memory loss or is in some state of pathological denial, as any fan who has followed the Redskins of late would find it difficult to maintain such faith in a beleaguered franchise.

Perhaps that is what differentiates RevRedskin from the nonbelievers: his faith that one day, the Redskins will be resurrected and all things will return to as they once were, when the High Priest Joe Gibbs led the congregation  of the lost peoples of Redskinites out of the darkened wasteland and into sunnier pastures.

Instead of me prattling on and on about RevRedskin’s Sermon on the Boulevard, see for yourself and determine if his passionate words inspire the Spirit of the Redskin inside of you.

Color me impassioned and count me among the converted. Although I wonder, given that it appears RevRedskin is loudly orating his sermon very early in the morning, how his neighbors feel about his ear-splitting pronouncement of his faith arousing them from their slumber at such an early hour. Can’t say I’d like it. And I’m now a believer.

[H/T Mr. Irrelevant]