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Ryan Lochte discusses his urine-ing need to pee in the pool in Funny or Die video

Leave to US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte to relieve himself by making light of how he “leaked” information last week about how swimmers urinate in the pool courtesy of his turn in this amusing video from Funny or Die.

Lochte points out that he can only pee in pools, and if he has to pee when he’s not able to get in a pool, he holds it. Makes sense.

Also, please take note of the #Olympiss hashtag. That’s a wicked pisser.

Peeing in Pools with Ryan Lochte from Ryan Lochte

Here some of the choice quotes:

  • “Like animals, they mark their territory. I pee in the pool, that’s my territory.”
  • “Kids: pee in the pool.”
  • “I have a book that’s coming out, ‘Fifty Shades of Yellow,’ it’s supposed to be a bestseller.”
  • “I pee gold.”

Lochte does stress to would-be pool-pee-ers that they should not poop in the pool because if they do, the entire pool has to be shut down and then he can’t pee in it. Then what is he supposed to do?

Well peed, Lochte. I mean well played. Well played. Sheesh.