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Nothing to see here, just a motorcyclist hitting a deer during a race (video)

Rally motorcycle racer Braden Childers was competing in something called Rally West Virginia, a two-day road race that covers 350 miles along roads in conveniently, West Virginia. At some point during the race, something struck Childers as being so completely off-the-wall it hardly could be believed. Make that Childers struck something and what occurred was so off-the-wall it hardly can be believed. Childers collided with a deer.

Courtesy of his Childers’ helmet cam, the entire sequence was captured on video.

Since everything in the video happens so fast, below are photographic stills of the YouTube video (via New York Daily News):

 Incredible. Thankfully, for everyone involved, from the deer to Childers, it appears everybody walked (or galloped) away relatively no worse for wear, as Childers got back on his bike to continue the reace and the deer scampered off into the wild.

“I definitely hit the ground sliding and rolling but I just kept rollin and hopped up,” he posted alongside the video on his YouTube channel.

 “It ran into the woods as I got up,” he wrote. “It was already gone when I looked back.”

 And here’s the video:

[H/T Off the Bench]