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Jeff Francouer admits role in the ‘Great Popcorn Heist at Cellular Field’ (video)

Kansas City Royals right fielder Jeff Francouer finally fessed up and admitted his role in the “Great Popcorn Heist at Cellular Field” that occurred Tuesday during a game against the White Sox in Chicago. He had little choice but to cop to his part in the caper, as cameras captured his sticky-fingered act of popcorn theft.

For those who have been left unaware of the details of the nefarious plot, after chasing down a foul ball off the bat of Gordon Beckham down the right field line that drifted into the stands, Francouer, aware that no one was watching as folks scrambled for the ball, reached over the railing and pilfered some popcorn out of an unsuspecting fan’s container.

In case you missed it, the evidence of the caper follows.

Brilliantly executed plot! Said the popcorn bandit Francouer:

“I’d never done that before. It was one of those things. I ran over there hard, and I got to the edge, and it was right there. They were all looking back (at the ball). The guy’s bucket was right there, so I just reached my hand in there.”

Despite being the victims, the crowd was amused by the right fielder’s antics:

“The guys turned around and said, `Yeah, sure.’ They were laughing. I’d never done that before. But I thought, `Yeah, why not?’”

And almost like a crime junkie addicted to the rush of plotting his next score, Francouer was already hatching his next scheme shortly thereafter:

“The next pitch, Beckham fouled it off again,” Francoeur said. “I looked over at those guys and said, `I need something to drink to wash it down.’ They started laughing again.”

Don’t these people realize that they are enabling the criminal behavior of depraved criminal mind? If not for yourselves, do it for Francouer’s next mark.

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