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As she is wont to do, McKayla Maroney is ‘not impressed’ with ‘The Fab Five’ (pic)

The interwebs, SoB included, has been having loads of fun with the new meme, “McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed,” and in light of her recent comments about how the U.S. Gymnastics team decided to change their original moniker from “The Fab Five” to “The Fierce Five,” it provided an additional opportunity for memetastic hijinks.

Originally at the onset of the London Olympics, the gymnastics squad was going by “The Fab Five.” But a few days before winning team gold on July 31, the team went to work to come up with a new nickname. The reason, as explained by Maroney:¬†“I guess (Fab Five) was taken by some basketball team or something.”

Hah. Some basketball team. Of course, that basketball team was the Michigan Wolverines team from the early ’90s. So, the squad took to their cell phones and started¬†Googling for words that start with “F,” because, hey, that’s what the kids do these days. Fierce came up as the winner and the rest is history.

Still, by her quote, it’s pretty easy to deduce that, if provided the opportunity, Maroney would not be impressed with the Wolverines basketball team:

Ha. That “Not Impressed” photo bit gets me every time. At least for the time being it does.

[H/T SB Nation]