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Arianny Celeste even looks amazing while cooking…wheat pasta??? (photo)

Sweet Sassy Molassey.

Is it just me, or does the fact that she appears topless underneath that apron an incredibly sexy — albeit risky — touch? Risky due to the potential for suffering a burn, of course. But really, should we expect anything less from Arianny Celeste at this point? Not that I’m complaining. Nor should you.

She tweets: “Chef Arianny Truffled wheat pasta w ground turkey and tomato sauce. Rocky road for dessert!”

Well, Chef Arianny, color me impressed. I assume “truffled” means she added truffle oil to the pasta, but I cannot be certain on that. But wheat? Come on.

And yes, I get it. Whole wheat pasta is much better for you, and for Arianny Celeste, her incredible figure are an integral component of the skills that pay her bills, but any self-respecting Italian — or anyone who enjoys, you know, food that tastes good — will tell you that wheat pasta is a terrible, mushy and mealy mess, no matter how al dente you try to cook it. Gross.

Rocky Road, on the other hand? Yeah, sure, that sounds good to me.