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Anna Kournikova shows she can still bring the sexiness with new photo shoot (pics/vid)

At the ripe old age of 31 (for a tennis player), if Anna Kournikova were still playing professional tennis competitively, she likely would be seen as a washed-up has-been. Few players excel at that advanced age (for a tennis player), let alone those who appeared to have a general disdain for training and a perceived disinterest in improving their game that Kournikova so prominently and frequently displayed.

Fortunately for us, the age of 31 is by no means in any way too old to be an incredibly gorgeous woman, as evidenced by Anna Kournikova’s recent photo shoot from something called S Moda Magazine.

In it, the Russian stunner convincingly shows not only the reasons why she easily captured the attention of the world when she burst on the international stage all those years ago, but also that she still has the capability to knock our socks off with her exotic beauty and how comfortably photogenic she appears in front of the camera.

Additional photos and a behind-the-scenes video follow.

Like a fine wine (or other naturally stunning Russian tennis players — (ahem) — Maria Sharapova), Miss Anna Kournikova seems to be getting better with age.