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Hold on to your hats, because these MLB mascot caps are nightmare fuel (pics)

Good Lord, who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?

Retailing for $22.99 at, these “Mascot Caps” are precisely the kind of headwear that comes to mind when one attempts to determine what sort of hat best exemplifies the kind of superfan they purport to be. Because if any adult would willingly wear one of these bad boys out in public, their fandom is borderline psychotic. Children, you ask? Sure, wearing one of these hats would be acceptable, so long as there is a strict “No Bullying” policy in place at their neighborhood playground.

Eighteen MLB teams currently have had their mascots made into hat form, and if these atrocities are any indication, I wouldn’t expect many more to come flying off the assembly line.

Get a gander at the other 17 Mascot Caps below.

Gee whiz, they are all terrifying in their own unique way, wouldn’t you agree?