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Dude riffs on ‘Call Me Maybe’ lyrics for most awkward Tim Tebow sign ever (pic)

Hoo boy. That ain’t right.

First of all, that is a guy – a macho Jets fan, no doubt — holding up a sign that reads, “Tebow, Here’s my number so “Call me baby.”

Secondly, allow me to stress that is a grown male New York Jets fan, not some teenage girl doing her very best to articulate her feelings towards Tim Tebow by holding up a sign at Jets training camp that riffs on that blasted Carly Rae Jepsen song that should have jumped the shark about a month ago but somehow manages to cling to undeserving relevance , “Call Me Maybe.”

Thirdly. It’s a grown male Jets fan holding up a sign that reads, “Tebow, Here’s my number so “Call me baby.” Once again, I cannot stress that aspect enough. Is he holding it for his daughter and she cannot be seen in the photo or maybe she has run off to get a soda or something? Or is this grown man having difficulty reconciling the feelings he has towards the Jets quarterback and had no choice but to desperately hold up this sign? Frankly, whatever the reason, I don’t want to know.

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