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So, some guy got a tattoo of UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste (photo)

And shockingly, as far as tattoos of actual people are concerned, it ain’t half bad. Actually, it’s quite well done, in fact. The talent shown here is certainly not comparable to what is displayed in this Bubba Watson Tattoo Fail, let’s put it that way.

Although I do have to question the wisdom of coming to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to have an image of the UFC Ring Girl goddess permanently etched into one’s flesh, and I consider myself a great admirer of her work, talents and beauty. Sure, it would be a nice conversation starter if you happened to meet her at one of her many personal appearances or at an event she’s doing her Ring Girl thing at, but once you pose for a photo with Miss Celeste and get her autograph, that’s about it. It’s not like she’s waiting for a man to show up with an Arianny Celeste tat and suddenly realize that for somebody to make such a grand gesture, it must mean that he is the man of her dreams and she drops everything and runs away with the Arianny Celeste Tattoo Guy. Granted, it did prompt a response from Miss Celeste on Twitter, but the reply was to the tattoo artist, not the guy who was inked, so there you.

Or maybe I’m wrong. The tattoo work is impeccable. It was done by tattoo artist Carlos Macedo and if you would like to take a gander at some of his other fine tattoo portrait work, you can do so here. Even better, his Twitter avatar¬†— which I assume he did — is a tattoo of Data, the android from¬†Star Trek: The Next Generation. The nerd in me approves.

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