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Reuters wins ‘Best Headline About Dong Winning Gold in Trampoline’ award (pic)

Ha. It’s funny, you see, because Dong has an entirely different meaning in English than it does in Chinese. Get it? And that Dong bounced his way to Gold? That had to be intentional, right?

But let’s be serious for a moment, that’s a lot of pressure being “China’s Dong,” the Dong that represents an entire country, let alone a nation of 1.3 billion people, many among them proud of the Dongs they know and love.

And while I do not by any means wish ill will upon Dong Dong, who I have already gone on record as stating that he was easily¬†my favorite Olympian of the London Games, but imagine if Dong would have come up short. I can see the headline now: “China’s Dong flops, limp performance sends Dong home flaccid without medal.” That would have been harsh.