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Justin Durant would eat Chick-fil-A even if the company supported slavery

On Wednesday, Detroit Lions linebacker Justin Durant, who originally had no idea what all the hullabaloo was about, came out in defense of Chick-fil-A on Twitter of the yummy deliciousness that apparently are its chicken sandwiches — I would not know, I have never had one — and after he was informed, stood by the chicken he so loves.

It evidently means little to Durant what the franchise CEO’s political beliefs happen to be, so long as he can eat the restaurant chain’s tasty chicken. But then he might have taken it a bit too far:

Hoo boy. Forget might have. That’s a pretty clear example of taking it too far. While it is readily evident that Durant was joking, that, my friends, is nevertheless a Bad Idea Tweet, especially in a society hellbent on political correctness.

On Friday morning, Durant re-emerged on Twitter and realized what he might have just got himself in to:

While that may be true, I’m pretty sure this will not go away quietly. Enjoy the ensuing firestorm likely to ignite following Durant’s original proclamation.

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