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Josh Hamilton remains as cryptic as ever about his mysterious off-the-field issue

Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton had people scratching their heads after his somewhat bizarre ramblings to reporters about what he perceived as the causes behind his falling headway into a slump. On Saturday, July 28, Hamilton, mired in a 1-14 slump and batting a woeful .145 in July, was pulled from the lineup, told the Fort Worth Telegram, that “It’s going to be good, folks,” adding, “Fans out there, it’s going to be good.”

All in all, an acceptable response. But that’s where Hamilton’s comments veered in a completely different direction. After saying that the frustrating part for him when facing the slump was dealing with the media, alluded to what he believed to be the cause of slump in the first place:

“I’ve been shown a lot of things over the past week,” he said. “There’s disobedience and there’s obedience to God. I’ve been being disobedient. It may be a small thing to you, but it’s a big thing to him. There’s consequences. It’s like a father and a kid. There are disciplines. You guys can chew on that and think about it.”

And chew the guys did. Rumors abounded. Speculation ensued. A variety of possibilities were mulled over by the media.

Until Hamilton briefly alluded to it once again when talking to reporters following the Rangers’ 15-9 win over the Los Angeles Angels. Hamilton somewhat emerged from his slump in the game, going 2-6 with 4 RBI. And once again, he was cryptic about the nature of his original comments:

“It’s out there that my marriage is falling apart and people are trying to figure out what’s going on, but it’s nobody’s business. When I want you to know, I’ll let you know.”

That’s it? Saying it’s nobody’s business if a fair enough thing for Hamilton to say, but perhaps the attention focused upon Hamilton’s struggles wouldn’t be so intense if he wouldn’t have said what he originally said about being disobedient to God and talking about “consequences” and “disciplines” in the first place. That kind of talk is going to draw more attention to Hamilton, not get people to back off. He should stop being so damn mysterious about everything and see how that affects the scrutiny. Otherwise, the Rangers might have to hire an exorcist or something.

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