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Here’s what a shirt sees after being shot out of a t-shirt cannon (video)

Oh, so that’s what it looks like. Then my dreams were accurate.

According to the YouTube description from the Grand Rapids Griffins, the AHL affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings, the mad scientists behind this experiment “wrapped a GoPro camera in a t-shirt and sent it flying out of the world famous Griff Gatling Gun.” And that’s when the fun begins.

Regarding the headline: I’m operating under the assumption that t-shirts have some kind of higher-level consciousness and self-awareness. If so, they probably should be considered sentient beings an deserve treatment consistent with how we treat other intelligent forms of life. And if that’s the case, I don’t think we should be wearing them, let alone putting them in the washer to clean them.

Tumble dry, though? I don’t know, seems kind of fun.