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Here’s the guy getting an atomic wedgie trying to jump over a golf cart (video)

Everybody is doing it, so I figured I wrap up the week and ease into the weekend like an old man into a nice warm bath (no offense) with this delightful video of some woodhead attempting to leap over a golf cart. In the process, he snags his shorts on the top of the cart, resulting in a massive atomic wedgie.

Ha. It’s funny because it happened to someone else.

And I know, I know, I’m really late on this one, but as I stated above, everybody’s doing it, and by “it” I of course mean doing a post on this oddball who found himself in the most precarious of positions. But succumbing to peer pressure is never a good idea, right? I’d say that depends. How many page views would it generate?

And speaking of “depends,” I imagine the poor chap in the video might be using them for a little while after his harebrained stunt.

Have a good weekend, all.