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Ethiopian steeplechaser slams into hurdle, has to be carted off in wheelchair (video)

There are terrible ways to finish off the home stretch of any kind of running race, and then there’s the way Birhan Getahun, a steeplechaser from Ethiopia, finished off the 3,000-meter steeplechase race on Friday at the Olympics.

Technically, Gatahun didn’t finish the race. You see, he absolutely slammed into the final hurdle, like he didn’t even know it was there. So bad, in fact, despite gallantly attempting to finish the race, Getahun had to be carted off the track in a wheelchair.

Poor guy. All the years of hard work and training, dedicating one’s life for that one moment where one can make their ascension to the world’s stage at the Olympics, and all this guy has to show for it is an indentation the shape of steeplechase hurdle imprinted in his chest. Doesn’t quite seem fair.

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