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Tim Tebow to endorse headphones and fittingly, it’s for SOUL electronics (pics)

“Man, Jars of Clay rocks!”

Seeing high-profile athletes rocking top-of-the-line headphones essentially has become commonplace. From Olympians over in London to players in the NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL, it is not uncommon to see them with a nice pair of headphones strapped around their heads from the moment they hop off the team bus to the time they are warming up.

Now you can count New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow among those athletes who have formed a partnership with a particular brand. Tebow joins the likes of Usain Bolt and Dwight Howard among the athletes who have established a professional relationship with SOUL Electronics. Get it? SOUL? Surely a coincidence, right? If not, that’s a pretty savvy connection between Tebow and the electronics company. Combining Tebow and a business named “SOUL” is almost too good to be true.

Later this summer, Tebow will be featured in a series of commercials for the company’s “SOUL of Greatness” campaign. Said Len Davi, CMO of SOUL Electronics, in a statement:

“Tebow is a perfect role model for our SOUL of Greatness campaign and our company. He is a relatable, hardworking overachiever who exemplifies true greatness and integrity on and off the football field.”

Ain’t that the truth. But one question: are these headphones waterproof? And how does the soothing music of Michael W. Smith sound on those bad boys? Well, Tebow probably gave the headphones a test drive before signing on with the company.