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Folks are photoshopping divers on toilets to make it look like they’re pooping (pics)

Say what you want about the internet (on a side note, that may be one of the most vague and open-ended intros in the history of intros), but one thing you cannot say is that at its best (or worst), it attracts folks who are especially gifted in the art of the Photoshop.

Take the recent craze taking the interwebs by storm: photoshopping the contorted bodies and expressively twisted faces of Olympic divers on to images of toilets to make it appear that they are suffering one heckuva blowout while attempting to defecate. See, I used defecate there to class it up a bit.

The one above might be my personal favorite but others follow and maybe you’ll find a favorite “Pooping Diver Photoshop” to call your own. Everybody deserves one, I say.

And here’s one of a diver blowing straight-out the top of a Porta-Potty:

Much like there is synchronized diving, there is also synchronized divers pooping photoshopping:

And if you thought that madcap antics of photoshoppers would be limited to toilet humor, how about Olympic divers blasting up into the sky like a rocket?

That’s gotta burn, right? Afterburner-caused hemorrhoids? Forget about it.

Now, we can all agree that this is profoundly juvenile and patently sophomoric, but if you’re not laughing at least a little bit, I feel sorry for you. Overall, I don’t know exactly where I stand overall about these photoshops, so instead, I’ll just sit. And after checking out these photoshops, I have a pretty good idea where I can find a seat. Excuse me.

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