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Seafood dish that caused Adrian Peterson’s allergic reaction identified

On Monday, Minnesota Vikings running back was rushed to the hospital after suffering an allergic reaction to something he ate. It was later reported that it was an unidentified seafood dish. Peterson was back at practice Tuesday, no worse for wear after receiving an IV that included included Benadryl and other medicines.

Meeting with the media at Vikings training camp on the campus of Minnesota State University Mankato on Tuesday, Peterson addressed the scare and named the particular food that precipitated the extreme allergic reaction. The culprit? Jambalaya.

“It was pretty scary. I must say that. But I didn’t panic. After that second phone call, I was getting ready to run downstairs and do something differently. But those guys came pretty fast. And we got everything under control.

“I eat seafood all the time. Crawfish. Crab legs. I don’t know exactly what was inside the jambalaya. But obviously my body reacted to it the wrong way.”

Peterson has assured the team that he will swear off seafood for the time being until he learns more about the nature of the allergic reaction, but as far as an allergy to shellfish is concerned, Peterson said, “I hope that’s not the case,” adding, “because¬†I want to continue to eat seafood.”

Hopefully for Peterson, this was simply the case of a bad batch of Jambalaya that was not prepared under the watchful eye of a skilled soup artisan like the Soup Nazi. Newman knows what I’m talking about.

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