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Little League ump calls game after coach aggressively berates him (video)

A Little League coach’s overzealous berating of an umpire over a disputed call prompted an umpire to call the game during a ballgame in Connecticut between 11-year-old boys.

The video, recorded by Oxford (Conn.) Little League assistant coach Lisa Suttile, begins after what she claims to be a full minute of overaggressive behavior by a coach for Wilton (Conn.) Little League’s 11-year-old all-star team during a game between the two squads.

The coach apparently not only berated the umpire, witnesses state that he was verbally abusive to players on his own team throughout the game as well. In an interview with the Oxford Dispatch, Suttile says, “You just don’t speak to umpires like that and you certainly don’t speak to kids like that. This was uncalled for.”

The coach responsible for the outburst and subsequent calling of the game has not been identified, but the Wilton baseball league issued a statement that reported the man has been disciplined and isn’t out of the woods just yet:

“After receiving information about an incident occurring at a summer league tournament game this week, Wilton Little League is fully investigating all the facts surrounding the situation. There have been disciplinary actions levied against the coaches involved and the extent of these actions regarding anyone affiliated with Wilton Little League will be determined at the conclusion of our investigation.” 

It’s a game, people. How much worse does it have to get before adults will have to be barred from attending games? And this guy was a coach, for crying out loud. Will it be necessary to get rid of them as well? Obviously, this was an isolated incident but it it indicative of the buffoonish behavior that routinely can be witnessed at youth sporting events. Get a grip, guy. Sheesh.

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