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English farmer pays tribute to Usain Bolt with massive cornfield maze (photo)

Lend me your “ear,” because I have an interesting story to tell.

A farmer in Staffordshire, England has created a gigantic corn maze to pay homage to Jamaican Olympics sprinter Usain Bolt by carving out a maze in the image of the “World’s Fastest Man” in his 15-acre cornfield.

Tom Robinson, a huge fan of the Olympics star, says that he had a dream that Bolt would win the 100m race at the Olympics while he was creating the maze, which depicts Bolt doing his patented lightning pose. I don’t know, but a story about having a dream like that sounds a bit “corny” if you ask me.

Alright, that’ll do it with the corn puns, but one last thing: if it had been me, I would have created the maze depicting Bolt striking this pose. You have to admit, that would have been much more amusing.

[Dangerous Minds, via BuzzFeed]