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Bryce Harper might have found himself a brand-new catchphrase

While it shouldn’t come as shock that 19-year-old budding phenom Bryce Harper very well could be hitting the rookie wall, the numbers are nevertheless telling. Since the All-Star break, the Washington Nationals slugger is hitting an anemic .171, well below the dreaded Mendoza Line.

But Harper, as well as he can at least, is taking it all in stride and trying to make the best of it, telling James Wagner of The Washington Post how he intends to approach breaking out of his horrible slump:

“I’m all over the place right now. So I’m trying to find some mellowness at the plate and in the box. Just trying to work at it everyday and try to take something good from every at-bat and take something good from every game.”

Find some mellowness. I like it. Now that’s a potentially new catchphrase for Harper. In fact, that ranks up there with his “That’s a clown question, bro” retort from earlier this season. And given that Under Armour sells “Clown question bro” shirts now, I could see “Find some mellowness” t-shirts entering the marketplace at some point.

It seems to me Harper has a blueprint for a potential cottage industry in the works with his ability to turn a catchy and clever phrase, some that are well-suited for a message on a shirt. Although if he does decide to go into the t-shirt printing business, I’d recommend he start small, maybe by opening up a kiosk in a mall. See how it goes from there.

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