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Sexy Slovenian triple jumper Snežana Rodić isn’t at the Olympics…that’s a shame (video)

My knowledge regarding the ins and outs of Slovenian track and field competitors is at an all-time low, so forgive me for not being aware of the fact that Snežana Rodić, a sexy triple jumper, did not qualify for her nation’s contingent of Olympic athletes. In fact, it was completely lost on me up until just a few minutes ago.

What wasn’t lost on one individual armed with a camera at a recent event Rodić competed in was one considerable asset that the twenty-nine-year-old happens to possess. The guy — I’m assuming it’s a guy — doesn’t allow the camera to stray too far for too long from Rodić’s backside as she warmed up for a recent event. I mean he’s working the camera in there tight to document, um, Rodić’s tightness, as it were.

There you have it. Despite it’s relative creepiness, you have to give the guy credit for a perverse dedication to his craft. I suppose you could refer to that video as butt-ogling elevated to art form. And I guess we have no choice but to thank him for his voyeuristic tendencies.

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