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Hostess is ‘not a sponsor’ but these Olympics-themed ads are brilliant (videos)

Hostess makes it abundantly clear that the delicious treat-making outfit is in no way affiliated with the Olympics by bluntly stating at the end of these two fantastic commercials that they are “not a sponsor” in plain, blunt English. But that does not mean these two spots, featuring people attempting some of the superhuman feats on display during the Olympic Games and failing miserably.

In a way, these ads are a nod to the classic John Belushi “commercial” fromĀ Saturday Night Live for “Little Chocolate Donuts,” hearkening back to Belushi’s supposed unorthodox Olympics training regimen.

Up top is a man’s futile attempt at pole vaulting, presumably after feasting upon a couple of tasty Twinkies. What follows is a guy’s brilliant stab at a gymnastic floor exercise in what appears to be a park.

Bravo. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there is a box of Ho Hos in the cupboard with my name on it.

[H/T BuzzFeed]