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Football coach Brett Favre still delivers the long-winded, down-home interview (vid)

Anyone who followed Brett Favre during his legendary NFL career certainly can attest to the fact that as far as a typical Brett Favre interview is concerned, such interactions between the guy and the media are almost always a long, drawn-out affair. Favre seems to the love the sound of his own voice and has no qualms with going on and on and on, speaking long after he had answered the original inquiry or made an enlightening comment.

As you may know, Favre is now the offensive coordinator of the Hattiesburg (Miss.) Oak Grove High football team and it did not take long for the grizzled Southern boy to conduct an interview of Favre-ian proportions.

Some snippets from Favre’s interview with WDAM-TV that lasted a whopping 4 minutes and 18 seconds.

“We got a long ways to go. We’re way out of shape, including me. I was struggling there at the end. …

“It’s a learning process for me, and I think I’ll be learning all year.”

Video follows.

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Wow. That went on forever. I’m pretty sure I dozed off for a second or two at one point. Favre adds, somewhere during his meandering commentary:

“It was a lot of fun. It’s totally new to me. My experience in pro football really means zero here. I think there are some people who might think differently, but the high school game is totally foreign to me. I ran the wishbone in high school; these kids have no idea what the wishbone is.”

But were they just having fun out there? That’s the key question. And with Favre leading the way, I’m pretty sure they’ll get the handle of that soon enough.

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