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Dennis Rodman is writing a children’s book entitled ‘Dennis the Wild Bull’ (wait, what?)

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman, who has seen his fair share of problems since he retired, including battles with substance abuse and legal issues including domestic violence charges and non-compliance with paying his child support obligations. But it appears that the legendary NBA rebounding machine is taking steps to turn his life around and perhaps writing a children’s book is part of that process.

Entitled Dennis the Wild Bull, Rodman has teamed up with author/screenwriter Dustin Warburton and illustrator Dan Monroe on the book and Rodman’s first foray into writing for children apparently will have “the sole purpose of conveying good lessons to children based on Dennis’s own experiences as a world class athlete while overcoming obstacles as a child,” as so stated on the book’s website.

Warburton explains why he was so intrigued by this project:

“What excited me about this project is the fact that not only is Dennis a great guy, but he has accomplished things in his life many people never come close to achieving. The years of dedication and hard work that brought him to the top level is what I’m interested in conveying, and I believe it is going to spread a good message to our countries youth. Children are our future and Dennis has a lot of great lessons to convey so needless to say it’s not only going to be fun, it’s going to spread a positive message which is what children’s books are all about.”

That all sounds well and good, but I sincerely hope that if any public appearances related to Dennis the Wild Bull are planned that Rodman doesn’t show up dressed like he did for that one book signing all those years ago:

You know, because of the kids and stuff.