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Cubs fan’s scoreboard marriage proposal fails, girlfriend is in the bathroom (video)

A Chicago Cubs fan had a mistake heaped upon his original mistake of arranging a marriage proposal via the scoreboard at Wrigley Field when his girlfriend made a trip to the restroom at the most inopportune moment: when said marriage proposal appeared on the scoreboard. Uh, derp? “Greg” arranged for “Erica, will you marry me?” to appear on the scoreboard during Monday night’s Cubs home game against the Pirates and in light of how things played out, things couldn’t have bone worse.

First things first: perhaps I’m in the minority, but I find the notion that it’s ever a good idea to ask for your special lady’s hand in marriage courtesy of putting a message up on a scoreboard at a sporting event patently absurd. Even if your gal is a huge sports fan, putting a woman on the spot like that is risky business. Because should she say no, the sad sack who dreamed up this grand plan will have a whole heaping amount of public humiliation dumped upon him. But to be honest, the shame is somewhat deserved. Still, had she said no, it would have been the worst reach at Wrigley Field since Steve Bartman patrolled the stands during the 2003 NLCS.

Video follows.

Well, it’s nice she eventually said yes. But here’s a question: “Greg” had to have some idea when the proposal would be coming, right? I mean it’s a safe assumption that whoever he arranged this proposal with would have told him, “Okay, Greg, in such-in-such inning we’ll throw the proposal up there, so be ready.” Maybe that’s not the case and he had no clue, but if he did, couldn’t he have figured out a way to keep her in her seat for the big moment?