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Barney’s movie had heart, but Sharapova’s ‘Tennis Ball in the Groin’ had a tennis ball in the groin

Anyhoo, since I don’t speak Russian — if that’s what the man providing the report or commentary is speaking — I have no idea as to the context of what exactly is occurring in the video, but according to some intrepid reporting by Deadspin, it was all for a commercial for Head tied to the Olympics. In the commercial, the lovely Maria Sharapova is attempting to knock a tennis ball can off Novak Djokovic’s head. As you can well imagine given the title above, Sharapova’s service effort is woefully low, drilling Djokovic directly in the crotchal region. I mean that ball had eyes. For balls.

Djokovic proceeds to drop like a bag of dirt, writhing in apparent pain as Sharapova looks on, in either amusement or shock, or perhaps a bit of both.

Ouch. That wasn’t pretty. Given Sharapova’s considerable skill and acumen as it relates to smacking around tennis balls her entire life, one could almost suspect that it was intentional. But she wouldn’t do such a thing, would she? Perhaps it was in retaliation for Djokovic donning a wig last year to mock and ridicule Sharapova’s then-new commercial? Possible, but I prefer to think of Maria Sharapova in only glowing terms. And when she’s looking like this. You know, all pretty and sweet and stuff.

And as far as the title of this post is concerned, sorry, but any time a video surfaces where a man is hit in the crotch with some kind of ball, I’m going to use the obligatory Simpsons reference. Deal with it. And for those who pity me for making such a weaksauce reference: Do not cry for me. I’m already dead.