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Brewers closer John Axford under fire for comparing Tim Tebow to a Kardashian

Milwaukee Brewers closer John Axford found himself in the eye of a Twittercane (that’s a hurricane that occurs in the Twitterverse, Twitterverse being the universe of Twitter, of course) after tweeting a brief — and innocuous — comparison related to how he perceives similarities between the phenomenon surrounding both New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow and a Kardashian.

Specifically, Axford opined that Tebow is the Kardashian of professional sports.

Axford tweeted:

Obviously in response to a vicious Twitterlash (“Twitterlash” being…never mind, you get it) that not surprisingly occurred following his tweet early Friday morning — Tebow disciples are quite passionate (although the same probably can be  said about people who follow one of the Kardashian clan on Twitter, although those people are likely a few cans short of a six-pack), Axford issued the following responsive tweets:

Fair enough. And for what’s is worth, Axford is still being forced to fight the good fight on Twitter at the publishing of this piece. Has Tebow risen to such a sacred standing that semi-snarky tweets need to be met with such an immediate backlash (or Twitterlash, it’s up to you)? How about everyone simmers down a bit. Axford was merely expressing his opinion about fame, that’s it.

Still, this entire ridiculous to-do has reminded me of the absurd gossip earlier this year about the most famous of the Kardashians, Kim, having a crush on Tebow and how that could possibly effectuate the eventuality of the two hooking up. Crazy talk, sure, but say the dream is not dead. These two would be perfect for each other. In the frozen pit of hell beneath Bizarro World.

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