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Sweet Dreams: Kevin Love snaps photo of Olympic teammates sleeping on plane (pic)

“Nyquil’s a helluva drug”

Well played. At some point during a Team USA flight Wednesday evening, Timberwolves star Kevin Love took a gander around the cabin and noticed a lot of his teammates were well on their ways to Dreamland, so he snapped a photo and posted it, much to the delight of everyone. Tweeting “I win,”┬áLove even managed to catch Coach K catching some Z’s. Bravo.

One question: what gives with all the sleep masks? Along with the NBA players participating in the #gotem craze and posting pics of teammates sleeping on Twitter, perhaps it is high time to start a new hashtag: #fancymask.

And why is Kevin Love awake while all his teammates are in a deep, restful slumber, you ask? Simple. He probably heard that the T’Wolves are close to signing Andrei Kirilenko to a 2-year, $20 million deal. That could cause even the most exhausted NBA player to experience a bout of insomnia.