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Steelers DE Brett Keisel showed up at training camp driving a tractor (photos)

As NFL players begin their steady stream into training camps all across the country, a lot of them like to do so in style: fancy luxury automobiles, souped-up muscle cars, you  name it. Others, such as veteran Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel, prefer to go a different route, as they march to the beat of a different drum. Or in Keisel’s case, the steady hum of a running tractor.

On Wednesday afternoon, as the Steelers embark on the 2012 edition of training camp at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa., Keisel came riding in atop a tractor. More specifically, an orange Kubota front-loading tractor.

Said Keisel regarding his interesting choice of motorized conveyance (via the Post-Gazette):

“I love driving these things because it reminds me of my childhood,” Keisel said. “I grew up swathing hay and plowing fields and planting fields.

“I grew up in Wyoming driving one of these bad boys working on a farm. Hard work pays off. You have to deal with adversity, all the things we have to deal coming into this camp.”

Fair enough. But man, why not a John Deere? And let’s hope in the name that is all sacred and decent, Keisel doesn’t have his own version of the infamous “Tractor Story” from Seinfeld. A story about Keisel catching gonorrhea from riding a tractor? Man, that wouldn’t be good for anybody.