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Sadly, there is not a Rob Gronkowski reality show on the horizon

The exciting news that Darren Rovell broke on Twitter on Wednesday that Rob Gronkowski and his family were in talks with talent agency William Morris Endeavor about developing a reality show surrounding the madcap antics of NFL’s resident wild man, along with a book deal and related speaking engagements has turned out to be premature and erroneous. At least that’s what Robert Bailey of Rosenhaus Sports Representation told Pro Football Talk Thursday. And a representative of that particular agency likely would be in the know, too, as they represent Rob Gronkowski and his football-playing brothers.

According to Pro Football Talk’s report, Bailey, the president of Rosenhaus Sports, told the site that no one from Gronkowski’s family has at this point “hired William Morris to do anything on their behalf.”

Obviously, this is devastating news, as it is a no-brainer that a reality show based on Gronk would constitute must-see TV, at least as far as reality television is concerned. Which, in a way, isn’t saying that much. In any event, for the time being, we’ll just have to regale ourselves with stories centering around Rob Gronkowski Pee-Pee Crossing Sword Parties and bizarre tales of that ilk. All I know is Jeremy Roenick is devastated.