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Old Man Chipper Jones knows all about the hullabaloo with the Twitters, consarnit!

“Darn kids always traipsing on my lawn!”

On Wednesday, 40-year-old (he’s a man!) Chipper Jones took to Twitter to express his thoughts on how the Atlanta Braves just completed a winning road trip. Jones, currently on his MLB Farewell Tour with his impending retirement just around the corner, only recently joined Twitter a few days ago, and given the interesting sequence of tweets on Wednesday, he’s still getting the hang of the newfangled techno-mo-logical doohickey.

Evidence follows.

Wait. What?

Jones must have received some quizzical responses to the substance of his tweet, so he offered up an explanation for the nonsensical phrasing contained in the tweet:


Good to know. Good to know. I think. And just as I was wrapping up this piece, Chipper tweeted out this gem:

Ha, slushee. Awesome.

[H/T Hardball Talk]