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Lolo Jones growing weary of still being a virgin, says ‘Please, end this drought’

Lolo Jones has carved out a nice little niche for herself in the seemingly never-ending litany of outside-the-lines anecdotal stories about the athletes competing in the upcoming London Olympics. Of course, her performance in competition is stellar enough on its own, but her talking about her virginity and perhaps even more so, how she’d be open to dating fellow prominent virgin, Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, has drawn a lot of attention to the gorgeous and talented Olympian.

And while she appears to never grow tired of talking about her virginity, if she’s being truly honest with herself, she appears to be  growing weary of being a virgin. At least that’s they way she recently put it during an interview.

Sitting down with Access Hollywood, the 29-year-old virginal hurdler — while expressing no regrets whatsoever regarding her decision to wait — put her growing exasperation at remaining a virgin for so long and why she’s not currently dating anyone as follows:

“That’s one of the main reasons, because literally there are so many people who aren’t willing to wait for their future spouse. They want to have sex now, they want to hook up,” Lolo — who has openly spoken about being a virgin — said. “That’s their life. My life is something else.

“I’ve complained about this to all my friends,” Lolo told Access. “ ‘When am I going to finally meet the man of my dreams, my husband, and experience, you know?’ Please, end this drought.”

To quote Axl Rose, all you need is just a little patience, Lolo.

And as far as Miss Jones finding a man that measures up, the line begins here, guys. Good luck to ya, but let me tell you straight out, it ain’t gonna happen.

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