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Blatant Homerism

Kevin Love looks ridiculous in his Olympics Opening Ceremony outfit (photo)

Granted, I’m no fashionisto (wha?), but I can’t imagine I’m the only one who believes that Timberwolves star Kevin Love looks certifiably ridiculous in the duds he will be sporting for the London Olympics Opening Ceremony event on Friday. What’s the deal with the beret? It reminds me of when those French chicks make fun of Rusty Griswold when Clark makes him wear one when they visit the Eiffel Tower in European Vacation. “Hoisty.” Poor, poor terrible replacement for Anthony Michael Hall actor guy portraying Rusty.

Even if Love doesn’t get a lot of playing time at the Olympics, his role as photographic chronicler of all-things-Team-USA should be a reward in and of itself. At least for us. His photo of Team USA sleeping on a flight was gold. I imagine Love will be documenting further stuff like that piece of snoozy humor.

And remember, you’re never an idiot, you’re a Griswold, Kevin Love. Or something.