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Usain Bolt pretends to urinate while standing in front of ‘Ted’ movie poster (pic)

Jamaican track star Usain Bolt apparently couldn’t find the time in his busy schedule on Tuesday to attend a public workout along with his Olympic teammates, but the fastest man in the world nevertheless did manage to sneak in a viewing of the Seth MacFarlane comedy smash, Ted, and displayed some quickness in the wit department in the process.

Bolt posed in front of a rather large promotional poster for the film which depicts Mark Wahlberg and his teddy bear co-star relieving themselves in urinals. Bolt took their lead, uploading a photo to his Twitter account of him mimicking their actions, standing in front of another urinal in the poster, pretending to take a leak as well. Or at least we hope he was only pretending.

If not, it would have been wise for Bolt to use that trademark, otherworldly speed to hightail it away as quickly as possible away from the scene of the supposed crime, as it were. Still, let’s just assume he was simply pretending to engage in the act, because that’s exactly what he was doing. But it is funny to imagine Bolt outrunning the police after an imagined public urination exhibition. You know, because he’s really fast and stuff and they wouldn’t catch him. Ha.

[H/T Game On!]