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U.S. wrestler nicknamed ‘Flying Squirrel’ owns a flying squirrel that bites him

Ellis Coleman is a 20-year-old Greco-Roman wrestler from the Chicago area and a member of the U.S. Olympic team. Coleman, who goes by the nickmame “Flying Squirrel” due to his signature move which involves him somersaulting over his opponent before a take-down, was profiled by his hometown paper, the Chicago Tribune, and the highlight of the story was how Coleman recently purchased a flying squirrel as a pet in honor of his nickname. Now that’s commitment to a moniker.

While there might be many benefits and rewards to owning a flying squirrel, there has been some drawbacks as Coleman and his new pet become acclimated to one another. Flying squirrels are nocturnal creatures and Coleman has to wake it up from time to time. The rodent, which he named “Rocky” (nice) after buying him a month ago at a mall for $500, has a nasty habit of biting his owner.

“When he has fully bonded, I can put him in my pocket and pretty much take him wherever I want to go,” Coleman told reporters at a media availability today. “I’m trying to bond with him and get on a higher level with him, but right now he bites me all the time.”

Rocky currently is staying with the family of Coleman’s chiropractor while he is competing in London. Hopefully, the two can strike up a less aggressive relationship once the wrestler returns home.