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Mary Poppins to fight Voldemort in bizarre Olympics Opening Ceremony routine?


According to a report in the Sunday Times, one of the more surreal scenes likely to play out during the Opening Ceremonies of the London Olympics on Friday will feature Mary Poppins going mano-a-nanny-o with famed Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort.

The sequence, also reportedly involving some of the best-loved characters of British literary tradition, pits the lovable nanny against a 40-foot-tall Voldemort after the gigantic evildoer emerges out of a bed set smack dab in the middle of Olympic Stadium. According to Fourth Place Medal, the sequence apparently also will feature other beloved characters, including Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Captain Hook and Cruella De Vil, among others.

Via the Sunday Times report:

About 30 actors each depicting Mary Poppins, the magical English nanny played by Julie Andrews in the 1964 Disney film, will descend from the roof of the stadium on wires and “float” to the ground with their opened umbrellas. The nightmare will be banished and happiness restored. “It’s a jaw-dropping sequence,” said one source.

Yep. Jaw-dropping is about the only way to describe it. But if the folks behind this inventive but bizarre sequence did not figure out a way to incorporate a rendition of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” as a means to expel the evil Lord Voldemort, well, I won’t know what to think about the entire spectacle. Then again, having never read a single book from the Harry Potter series, I would have been fine had the decision been made for Mary Poppins to do battle against an even more sinister force of evil from British literary tradition. Say, O’Brien from Nineteen Eighty-Four, perhaps? Or how about Sauron from The Lord of the Rings? She could use that umbrella of hers and take out that gleaming, smoldering eye of his with one violent, penetrating thrust. Now that would have been quite the scene.