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So, Erin Andrews, a go-go dancer in a cage and a unicorn walk into a bar… (pics)

Okay, Erin Andrews, a go-go dancer and a unicorn walking into a bar might be a good introduction to a potentially amusing joke, it isn’t really what this is all about, but it’s an attention-grabber, is it not?

Speaking of attention-grabbing, this is from a few days ago, but I had no choice but to address this bizarre sequence of photos Erin Andrews tweeted out on July 19 after I had signed off for the day.

Apparently, the pics are from a commercial shoot for College Football on FOX and according to Miss Andrews’ tweet, this is supposedly someone’s interpretation of what it might look like watching football in heaven. Crazy stuff.

Additional photo follows.

In any event, it seems that Erin Andrews will fit in nicely over at FOX, especially if she’s open to taking part unique and off-kilter ad campaigns featuring unicorns and go-go dancers in cages. Can’t complain about that, right?