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Indianapolis cop gets huge Gronk tattoo to go along with Belichick tat (pics)

Indianapolis police officer Michael Andersen unveiled his brand spanking new tattoo of New England Patriots tight end and party animal Rob Gronkowski the other day. Andersen tweets that the new ink is “[i]n honor of the best TE in the game!” and added that “Gronk Nation is alive and well in Indy!!!” Gronk Nation. Now that’s a frightening prospect. An entire community dedicated to beer bongs and bar bathroom pee pee parties.

What makes the new tattoo somewhat peculiar — on top of the odd choice of getting a tattoo of a professional athlete in the first place — is that Andersen opted to commemorate Super Bowl XLVI, a Super Bowl the Patriots lost. Granted, the Super Bowl in question was held in his own backyard at Lucas Oil Stadium just a few months ago, but it nevertheless is an interesting choice.

And if you think Andersen would be content with just one tattoo devoted to his beloved Patriots, think again. Check out the Bill Belichick tattoo it appears he had inked in June:

Nice. Love the hoodie.

[via @ArchangelFury by way of Busted Coverage]