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Following a loss to the Cubs, Ozzie Guillen had this to say: ‘F**k Chicago’ (video)

Note: Video is safe for work. The profanity has been bleeped out.

On Thursday, Ozzie Guillen’s Miami Marlins had just finished up dropping two of three games to the hometown Chicago Cubs in the baseball city he used to lord over. Following the game, Ozzie was in no mood to discuss anything related to the Windy City, as evidenced by his terse response to a reporter’s inquiry.

The reporter asked Guillen, “Besides the baseball, how was, uh, your week here in Chicago?”

Guillen, appearing exasperated by the line of questioning and rubbing his head, snorted and said, “F**k Chicago. Don’t want to talk about Chicago, man. Just talk about my ball club.”

While some residents of Chicago may bristle at Ozzie’s answer, odds are Guillen was not referring to the town as a whole or the people who live there or his personal feelings towards the fine city. He probably just didn’t feel like discussing his return to his old stomping grounds with some reporter. But I am sure a lot of Chicagoans aren’t going to appreciate his comments.

Maybe Guillen should have stolen a page from Bryce Harper’s media interaction playbook and told the guy that was a clown question. Bro. Yet given Guillen’s recent comments about the Nationals phenom — although it appears things might have been smoothed over) — Ozzie nevertheless may be too prideful to go in that direction.

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