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Dan Patrick dresses up as 1980s Larry Bird for movie cameo…and it ain’t pretty (photo)

GAH! Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, that is one disturbing image.

According to a tweet from Paulie Pabst, the producer of The Dan Patrick Show, this is respected radio host and television personality Dan Patrick dressed up as an old school Larry Bird for a cameo in the upcoming Adam Sandler/Happy Madison train wreck, Grown Ups 2. Patrick looks like the unholy offspring that would be unleashed upon the world if Chris Kaman and Martina Navratilova ever mated. Although that coupling is unlikely ever to occur…for several reasons.

Patrick has been Sandler’s go-to guy on more than one occasion for his rapidly-decreasing-in-quality movies, and this disturbing image certainly does not bode well for the prospective quality of Sandler’s next affront to celluloid. Why? Because whatever scene Patrick is in where he’s sporting this ridiculous getup, it will probably be the funniest one in the entire flick. That ain’t good.